Sarah Schanze

Art & Design

Hello! My name is Sarah.

I’m a visual designer living in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Screenshot from The Stonecutter story asset.

Award-Winning Designs

I was one of the primary designers for Embark, a pre-k program that won two Parents’ Choice awards.

My illustration skills were utilized to bring whimsy and fun to several storytelling assets.

Screenshot of first slide from Trees in Four Seasons component.
Screenshot from The Sun, Moon, and Sea asset.

Web and Mobile Versatility

I created dozens of assets that could transition between web and mobile layouts with no loss of information or delight.

My time as a lead designer also gave me experience with creating templates and documentation that conveyed creative standards to other designers.

One Voice Branching 6-12 with pages about slavery.
Style Guide for 3-5 Branching Page 1
One Voice Branching component on the Stride website and in mobile view.
Illustration for "The Little Red Hen" story.

Print and Digital Experience

I’ve created illustrations for printed anthologies and workbooks.

I’ve also made vector art intended as whimsical additions to online K-5 courses.

Illustration for "The Stonecutter" showing the protagonist hammering stone.
Collage of vector illustrations for grades K-5.

To see more information about my process and more examples of my work, please check out the links below!

K12 logo
Stride logo